Webauftritt des Vereines: Hansevolk Lübeck e.V.

The Hansevolk, celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2015, it's a mixed company. We enjoy representing, authentically, the life of town people in Luebeck during the late middle ages. In this context, we enact miscellaneous roles, for instance: Merchants, clergy, pharmacist, clerk, blacksmith, pewterer, cooks, wool spinner, town guard, innkeeper, musicians and beggars.

Also, we have developed some more complex shows, as the Parade of Hanse Merchants with authentically merchandise, the Sale of Indulgences and - our pride - The Dance of the Dead after the wall paintings in St. Mary's Church in Luebeck from 1463.

Our garments are mostly tailored by ourselves, as close as possible to historical patterns from the second half of the 15th century. Pouches and bags, belts and lanterns are also mostly homemade, as is our camp equipment (benches, carts, field kitchen).

In order to produce authentically equipment, we research in literature, in museums and in the internet, or ask experts. Especially, Prof. Gisela Jaacks, former director of the Museum for the History of Hamburg, and Dr. Rolf Hammel-Kiesow, superintendent of the Research Institute for the History of the Hanse, Luebeck, have generously supported us by sharing their knowledge and giving advice.

As a reenactment group, we not just want to demonstrate the late middle ages, but also to experience that epoque: To enjoy food from medieval recipes, to dance old roundelays to squeaking pipes, to camp around the fire, to sweat on a pilgrimage, or even to throw oneself into the fray of a battle, those are adventures of almost exotic charm.

In Luebeck, we take an active part in numerous historical projects and events, in schools, museums, and other public institutions. We were on television several times. Also, we attend medieval camps and festivals in Germany and abroad. We represent our Hanse town in partner towns and on the International Hanse Days of Modern Times. Thus, we travelled from Antwerp (Belgium) to Tartu (Estonia), from Venice (Italy) to Visby (Sweden). Even the people in Novgorod (Russia) could hear the Hansevolk shout:

Vivat Lubeca!


The Club Hansevolk zu Luebeck (non-profit, registered organization), is a member of the Luebeck Society World Cultural Heritage (registered organization), and of the C.E.R.S. (Consorzio Europeo Rievocazioni Storiche, European Union of Historical Groups).